Launching the Week of 9/15: .COUNTRY, .WEBSITE & More

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After something of a quiet period in August, this month is turning to out to be quite exciting! You already know that there’s so many new domains launching in September and it can be hard to keep up with it all. That’s why we’re here to give you a friendly reminder of the exciting launches coming this week. Some of these extensions have already picked up a bit of press, so you’ll want to keep reading to find out what’s coming, and more importantly, how you can get them.

Once these domains go live, you’ll be able to start setting up your website immediately! Just let us know if you have any questions.

Domains Launching on Monday, September 15th

.COOKING ($29/year)
.COUNTRY ($29/year)
.FISHING ($29/year)
.HORSE ($29/year)
.RODEO ($39/year)
.VODKA ($39/year)

Domains Launching on Wednesday, September 17th

.CHURCH ($39/year)
.GUIDE ($29/year)
.LIFE ($39/year)
.LOANS ($79/year)
.HOST ($89/year)
.PRESS ($69/year)
.WEBSITE ($29/year)
.REPUBLICAN ($29/year)

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.LONDON Domains Launch at United Domains

Londoners: famous worldwide for keeping a stiff upper lip and and a weathered eye on the horizon for the opportunities of the future.

The future arrived today, September 9th 2014, and many opportunities were seized as .LONDON was finally released for general availability at just $39.00 per year at United Domains. Literally hundreds of .LONDON domain registrations were processed today alone — an astonishing show of support for this domain extension. It was a great day for United Domains as well, as we registered pre-ordered .LONDON domains at a success rate of 95%!

So, what makes .LONDON domains so special? Read on to find out.

.LONDON Domains: Putting A City on the Digital Map
The Internet has revolutionized communication and the spread of information to an unprecedented degree, but with its nationless infrastructure, it’s often difficult to classify the Internet’s many webpages along national lines.

That’s where extensions like .LONDON come in. Always at the forefront of digital innovation, London is keeping its reputation intact as one of the first cities in the world to launch its own domain name. With .LONDON web addresses finally available, Londoners are free to create distinct and memorable website addresses that and proclaim their hometown pride to customers and visitors. As always, the city of London has gone above and beyond the call.

.LONDON is a Boost for London Businesses, Institutions, and Residents
From startups to big businesses, from corner bakeries to bankers, businesses London is host to a bustling array of businesses, entrepreneurs, cultural institutions and innovators of all stripes. The .LONDON domain extension is designed with all London-based institutions and thinkers in mind, no matter what their fields of expertise or contributions, as they perfectly encapsulate the strengths inherent to London’s spirit. With a .LONDON web address for these business and institutional websites, Londoners from every neighborhood can re-brand their existing websites or set of on a new venture while locally align themselves with the city they call home.

Offers the opportunity for a memorable and distinctive web address. A short, memorable Dot London domain appearing in search results will appeal to users and display relevant content for other locals and those searching for London-specific services. This kind of recognizability can be a boon to web traffic, both organic and from search results. Best of all, 100% of the net profits for .LONDON domain registrations will go back into the city of London itself, thereby strengthening the city and Londoners alike.

Don’t Wait to Claim Your .LONDON Domain!
Since they’ve only just been made available, there’s still no shortage of short, brandable .LONDON domain names out there, but that won’t last forever. For Londoners everywhere, now is the time to put the “U” in “UK” with a .LONDON domain of your own, only $39.00 per year at United Domains.

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September Launches: .LONDON, .COOKING and More New Domains

September Launches at United Domains

September’s officially underway, though we’re a bit sad it’s the last days of summer. We know something that should make you happy, however–finding out about new domains launching this month! Some like .LONDON have been generating buzz for months while others like .COUNTRY are attracting some brand new popularity. At United Domains, we’re excited about all of them

September 9th


September 10th


September 15th


September 17th


September 23rd


September 24th


September 25th


September 30th


Already Launched This Month


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Top 5 Best-Selling New Domains

Top 5 Best-Selling New Domains | United Domains

Every month, more and more New domains are Constantly arriving to the market. With over 100 New domains available now and dozens more launching in the next few months many people and business are starting to take a closer look at the recent change in the Internet landscape.

To have the chance to register a unique domain name catered to your industry or hobby is the best way to help customers understand Exactly what your website is about. In simple terms, one word- .BAR , .CLOTHING , or .SINGLES -can say so much about who you are, what your business is about, without a long, confusing and prone to spelling errors domain name.

But of all synthesis new opportunities which one are the most popular? In the past 8 months 5 domains have Remained in the top position. Although New City Domains: such as .VEGAS and .nyc are launching next month, and will without a doubt create buzz worldwide next synthesis domains have stayed constant and rated all time favorite by domain owners.

Top 5 Most Popular New Domain Name Registrations

# 1 .GURU -With over 60,000 Thousands registrations worldwide, .GURU Has become the perfect domain for extension to showcase knowledge on any subject and cement your status as online to expert.

# 2 .CLUB – Nothing says exclusive like a .CLUB domain! This domains is perfect for members-only sites, book club and everything in between. Be part of something special with .CLUB domain.

# 3 .center – With over 21,000 new domain registrations all over the world, the new domain .center is the perfect domain for any niche market.

# 4 .TIPS – When it comes to advice, no domain name gets to the point faster than the brand new domain name .TIPS. With over 20,000 domain names registered to date there is no better online helpline better than .TIPS.

# 5 .PHOTOGRAPHY – The go to new domain name to share all your photos. Whether you are a professional photographer or you are looking to showcase your hobby, .photography is everything you are looking for.

Numbers never lie, and with so many registrations for hypothesis five domains chances are you will be seeing a lot more of in the near future thesis extensions. So if you are looking to add more domains to your portfolio or you are Registering your new domain extension first, check out these new domains at United Domains before committing to anything!

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New Domains for the Summer!

This summer has been like no other for the domain industry! New Domain extensions are coming to the market every week and for the last month of August, United Domains is bringing you the very best domain extensions to hit the market in the upcoming weeks.

Check out the 19 New Domain extension coming this month:

Wednesday, August 6th

Wednesday, August 13th

Wednesday, August 20th

Thursday, August 21st

Tuesday, August 26th

Wednesday, August 27th

Stay proactive and beat the general availability rush by pre-ordering your domain names before launch day! You can also get an early start at building a stronger brand by taking advantage of our Premium domain names available now for all of our upcoming new domain extensions.

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