Prediction: 2015 Chart Topping New Domains (Part 2)

On Monday we let you in on Part 1 for our Domain Predictions for 2015. While some like .YOGA and .FORSALE are right around the corner, others such as .GREEN and .APP are still months away. Today we are finishing strong and bringing you our final predictions for 2015. Get ready our prediction on the Top 10 New Domains of 2015.

10. .SPORT (Free for Pre-Registration)-   The sports industry is worth up to $620 billion including infrastructure, sporting goods, licensing, and sports events. Add in gaming, advertising, endorsements, sports fans, and professional and amateur teams and it’s easy to see that global sports spending is now almost well over one trillion dollars per year. .SPORT is set to launch on the second quarter of 2015.

9. .FILM (Free for Pre-Registration)- .FILM instantly connects you to one of the world’s largest entertainment industries. Movies have been a global entertainment, education, and communications spectacle almost since their invention, and they show little sign of slowing down today.We have big projections for .FILM set to launch on the second quarter of 2015.

8. .DELIVERY ($49/year) – With more and more consumers expecting a variety of shipping features when online shopping, and the high demand for fast restaurant delivery beyond pizzerias and Chinese restaurants, this new extension is bound to make new and established business expand their brand and products to new customers. .DELIVERY is set to arrive on February 11, 2015. Pre-order yours here.

7. .HOTEL (Free for Pre-Registration) It’s for travel. It’s for staying out. It’s a place. It’s a place away from other places. It’s not just a hotel: It’s .HOTEL, the new top-level domain for the hospitality industry. This new domain, is perfect to publicize your brand to the millions of travellers per year is coming to United Domains on the third quarter of 2015!

6. .SITE (Free for Pre-Registration)- Perhaps the closest in spirit to the more established .COM and .NET, .SITE is sure to be a prized Domain Extension for websites of all kinds. .SITE is set to launch on the second quarter of 2015.

5. .WORLD ($29/year)- The brand new domain .WORLD is the perfect extension to take your business or non-profit organization to a global stage. A great domain extensions allows businesses to strengthen their brand, attract more customers to your product or services and increase their revenue and global exposure.
.WORLD set to arrive on January 14, 2015.

4. .ONLINE (Free for Pre-Registration)- Like the Internet itself, .ONLINE is infinitely expressive, yet devoid of any single purpose; it is an ideal blank canvas for digital communication. As a simple and almost universally understood term, .ONLINE will be an instantly intuitive new domain to be used by individuals and organizations from all walks of life and for every conceivable purpose. .ONLINE arrives to the domain marketplace the first quarter of 2015.

3. .SHOP (Free for Pre-Registration)- Whether it’s for groceries, electronics or exotic animals, the .SHOP Domain Extension will help customers find what they need more efficiently than ever. .SHOP is set to launch on the third quarter of 2015.

2. .BLOG (Free for Pre-Registration)- More than just online diaries, Blogs have proven to be powerful platforms for everything from community building to hobbyist how-to guides. Whatever your interests, with a .BLOG domain, you can be sure you’ll be heard. .BLOG is set to launch on the third quarter of 2015.

1. .WEB (Free for Pre-Registration)- As one of the frontrunner new domains to provide an alternative to .COM and .NET, there is no doubt that .WEB is going to be huge. With nearly 200 thousand pre-registrations at United Domains, we have no doubt .WEB is going to conquer the internet the minute it arrives online. .WEB is set to launch on the third quarter of 2015.

There you have it! Our predictions for the very best domains hitting the internet in 2015. If you have a blog or business or starting one in the near future, look to these domains first. They are unique, short and memorable enough to give you an edge over your competition and strengthen your brand!

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Prediction: 2015 Chart Topping New Domains (Part 1)

Chart Topping the Domains for 2015 | United Domains
This year saw the launch of hundreds of new domains. From .NYC to .PHOTOGRAPHY, there’s a domain for just about anything. Last week we featured a two part series on the top domains of 2014. (You can read it here and here.) This week we’re sharing our predictions for the most popular domains of 2015. The list was compiled from the list of domains that will be available for registration in 2015. That means if you see something you like, it won’t be long until it’s available for registration. If you want to know which domains will be 2015 chart toppers, keep reading!

20 .YOGA ($29/year) – Yoga and Pilates have become a $6.9 billion per year industry in the United States along. With it’s ever-rising popularity, we predict that the .YOGA domain is likely to climb the charts in 2015.
.YOGA launches on February 17th. Pre-order yours here.

19 .SALE (Free for Pre-Registration) – Ecommerce sales topped $4.3 trillion in the US, making the Internet the preferred way to shop. That’s why we predict the .SALE domain to be one of the show stoppers of next year.
.SALE is set to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2015. Pre-order yours here.

18 .SEX (Free for Pre-Registration) – This extension comes to us from ICM Registry, the same folks who brought the Internet .XXX. Due to the popularity of .XXX and, well, sex, we predict that .SEX will be a popular extension in 2015.
.SEX is set to launch sometime in the third quarter of 2015. Pre-order yours here.

17 .NEWS (Free for Pre-Registration) – When it comes to staying on top of the latest news, the Internet is the quickest and easiest way to do just that. That’s why we anticipate that the .NEWS extension will be highly registered by bloggers and news media outlets alike. Whether the topic is international politics or the latest celebrity gossip, .NEWS has something for everyone.
.NEWS is set to launch sometime in the third quarter of 2015. Pre-order yours here.

16 .FORSALE – ($39/year) Like .SALE earlier in this list, the .FORSALE domain will likely be a popular domain in 2015. It’s especially useful for small online retailers and individual sellers looking to create a customer base. The best news? It’s available next month!
.FORSALE will launch on January 21st Pre-order yours here.

15 .GREEN (Free for Pre-Registration) – With interest only growing in environmental issues, we predict that the .GREEN domain will be very popular. From activists to companies selling environmentally-friendly products, .GREEN is a great choice for anyone interested in helping the planet.
.GREEN is set to launch sometime in the second quarter of 2015. Pre-order yours here.

14 .APP (Free for Pre-Registration) – With the increasing popularity of all things mobile, .APP is uniquely poised to take one of the top spots of 2015. Not convinced? Well, it’s currently our 10th most pre-registered domain with over 20,000 pre-registrations.
.APP will launch in the third quarter of 2015. Pre-order yours here.

13 .FREE (Free for Pre-Registration) – With everyone looking for a bargain, it’s no wonder the new .FREE domain is so popular. It currently ranks 11th in our top 50 and has nearly 20,000 pre-registrations to its name. From bloggers to international companies, the .FREE domain works for just about everyone.
.FREE will be available sometime in the third quarter of 2015. Pre-order yours here.

12 .LAW (Free for Pre-Registration) – The new .LAW domain is broad yet specific, making it a great fit for a huge variety of people. From lawyers to those simply wanting to comply with tax regulations, .LAW has a huge audience of potential registrants.
.LAW will be available in the first quarter of 2015. Pre-order yours here.

11 .MONEY (Free for Pre-Registration) – The .MONEY extension is the last one on our list for today. We think it’s pretty clear why it’ll be popular. After all, who doesn’t like money?
.MONEY will be available for registration in the first quarter of 2015. Pre-order yours here.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post for the top 10!

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The Game-Changing New Domains of 2014 (Part 2)

On Monday we shared part one of 2014′s most popular new domains. These domains were registered in staggering numbers by people around the globe. From .LONDON (#5) to .TODAY (#10). Today we’re caping off our series by sharing the rest of the list. Are you ready?!

5. .NYC $39/year – Launched in October of this year, .NYC is the exclusive domain for for the Big Apple. The extension has exploded in popularity despite being limited to those with a presence in New York City. City officials have long championed the extension as the new online home for all things NYC. It should come as no surprise that the .NYC domain has reached over 62,000 registrations.

4. .GURU $29/year – As one of the first new domains to launch in the beginning of this year, .GURU has rightfully claimed its spot in the top 10. The extension has been adopted as a unique alternative to your typical .COM. It’s a great fit for professionals wanting to establish themselves online as well as creatives looking for a domain name that matches their personality. To date, .GURU has over 77,000 registrations worldwide.

3. .CLUB $29/year – The team over at .CLUB launched their extension in May of this year, and it quickly became one of the most popular domains as a result of .CLUB’s social media efforts. From sharing registrations to quirky YouTube videos, the .CLUB team has set the bar high for when it comes to advertising new domains. We’re not surprised in the least that their efforts and pushed and kept .CLUB to the #2 spot. Today the extension has over 151,000 domains registered.

2. .BERLIN $59/year – With a jaw dropping 154,000+ domains registered, .BERLIN has rightfully claimed the second spot as the most registered domain of 2014. Whether you’re a Berliner, a tourist, or a business, the .BERLIN domain extension, connects your website and brand to the German capital and puts you on a global stage with a short and memorable domain.

1. .XYZ $14.90/year- Without a doubt, 2014 belongs to .XYZ! With almost 740,000 domain registrations to date, and no sign of slowing down in 2015, the new year shines bright on this domain! Whereas many new domain extensions focus on a niche market, .XYZ isn’t tied to a specific industry or brand. This unique advantage makes it possible to create a snappy domain name that’s unlikely to be forgotten.

If you’ve been thinking about snatching a new domain name before the year is up, we hope this list clear helped you out. Thousands of bloggers, businesses owners and website owners are taking full advantage of these domains, so it’s only fair that you do too! And keep in mind, there are nearly 300 new domain extensions available for registration, so head over to United Domains to see our complete list.

Stay tuned next week for our predictions for the most popular new domains in 2015!

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The Game-Changing New Domains of 2014 (part 1)

2014 has been a great year for new domains.  After years of waiting for new domains to finally hit the market, we now have more than 200 new domains available for registration.

These new domains, ranging from geographic new domains such as .LONDON and .NYC to generic new domains like .CLUB and .SOLUTIONS make it easier to connect with your niche market, stand out from the millions of .COMs and strengthen your brand with a unique and memorable domain at a low price.

But with so many domains out there, what are the best to choose from?

Not all domains are created equal. Truth is, some new domains are performing better than others. To really narrow down what domains are the best for you or your business, you need to understand your market and brand.

To help you in the process of choosing the best domain, we have come up with a list of the 10 of the best-selling new domains of 2014!

Check out  the first 5 New Domains to make our list!

10 .TODAY $29/year- .TODAY is one of the most popular new domains on the market with over 42,000 registrations to date. It’s the perfect  extension for a “magazine platform” aimed at the propagation of crowd-sourced social content. With .TODAY, any topic or call to action becomes a domain name, a magazine, and a community.

9. .EMAIL $29/year – .EMAIL is a hot property because it applies to virtually everything that can be found online. From animal hospitals and stoneworkers to independent filmmakers and bloggers – if it’s on the Internet, you can probably send it an email, and that’s why .EMAIL has so many exciting applications. With 45,000 registrations in only a few months, this domain is here to stay.

.LINK $19/year- In order to get anywhere online, you need a link to guide you there. They’re what makes the internet function and keeps everything glued together. Not only that, but links provide a fun and easy way to share information with friends and family around the world. With 48,000 registrations to date the new .LINK domain is a game changer when it comes to getting and staying connected online.

.PHOTOGRAPHY $14.90/year- The new .PHOTOGRAPHY is one of the most popular new domains. Perfect for professional photographers and casual shutterbugs alike, the ease and convenience of .PHOTOGRAPHY has opened up a robust and broad market for photo hosting and sharing services. With Over 50,000 domains already registered self-employed, hobbyist photographers and bloggers will have a unique new namespace in which to share and promote their photos.

6. .LONDON $39/year – With over 52,000 registrations, .LONDON is growing steadily since its launch in September. This extension also marks the beginning of a trend that’s likely to continue into next year: The rise of the city domain. We’re likely to see .LONDON’s numbers grow as we move forward.

These new domains are some of the best domains to revamp your online image, and command a stronger presence. So give it some thought and joined the increasing number of businesses, bloggers and individuals making the switch to short and memorable new domains.

Make sure to come back on Wednesday December 10th to find out who made the Top 5!

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Enchanté .PARIS: The Capital of France Has a New Home

This week saw the exciting launch of the brand new .PARIS domain, which joins a growing number of city domains including New York City, Las Vegas and Berlin among many others. City domains have cemented their place online as some of the most popular new extensions.

According to nTLD Stats, .PARIS is already climbing the charts and ranks #70 out of over 400 domains that have already launched. Since the launch there has been over 9,000 .PARIS domains registered. These numbers alone show that .PARIS is poised to take one of the top spots on the leader board as we go into 2015.

As one of the most popular cities in the world, Paris has long deserved a home of its own online outside the .FR country code top-level domain. The city in and of itself has global influence and has built a global brand. With so much to offer from museums to fashion to culinary delights, Paris is booming with culture and entertainment. This makes the .PARIS new domain the perfect place for everything the city has to offer to the world.

The best news is that the .PARIS domain is available worldwide to everyone. From dedicated Francophiles to Parisian businesses, the .PARIS domain is a great fit for anyone who loves the city. That means Parisian bookstore owners, students and cafe owners can begin building their online presence with the .PARIS extension.

The .PARIS domain is available at United Domains now for $49 per year. Just click here to register your .PARIS website today. Just keep in mind that the best .PARIS domains won’t last for long, so make sure to get yours soon.

Maire de Paris, the registry for .PARIS, has put together a great video for their new extension. It’s in French and definitely worth the watch!

100 ambassadeurs ouvrent la voie du .paris by mairiedeparis

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