On Sale Now: .ME, .CO and .ASIA

Looking for that perfect domain name for your next project? Finally want to establish an online presence for your brick and mortar business? There’s no better time that the present, which is why we’re excited to share that now through March, United Domains will be running sales on .ME, .CO and .ASIA with pricing up to 80% off. All three TLDs are great alternatives to your typical .COM (though we have those too!).

TLD Sale Price
.ME $6.90*
.CO $11.90*
.ASIA $1.90**

Snapshots of .ME, .CO and .ASIA

.ME is often used by individuals looking to put a unique and quirky spin on their domain name, especially if it’s for personal use. Businesses can also use the .ME cctTLD to cultivate more personal relationships with their customers through creating a one of a kind domain name.

Over the past few years, .CO has grown so much in popularity that it is now considered one of the leading alternatives to .COM. Top sites from Twitter to Google both use .CO as link shorteners for their services. With .CO, there’s still a world of domain names left to be registered.

Businesses using the .ASIA ccTLD are positioned to capitalize on a vast regional market at a key point in its economic development. Visitors to a .ASIA site will have an idea of that business’ location and target audience, enabling them to form a deeper relationship with that business than any .COM could allow. All right from that first click.

*Sale is valid through March 31, 2013. Price available for new registrations only and is not valid for renewals or transfers.
**Sale is valid through March 15, 2013. Price available for new registrations only and is not valid for renewals or transfers.

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Courtney Mirenzi is the Social Media Manager at United Domains.
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