Stay Protected With Domain Privacy

United Domains now has hundreds of new domains available for registration and many more still on the way. After seeing the impact new domains have had on the market and the growing interest from our customers, we are happy to announce that WHOIS Protection Services are now available for nearly every New Domain extension for just $9.90 annually per domain.

Every domain name registrar is required to enter your personal contact information in a central public WHOIS database. While it’s important to comply with this ICANN regulation, having your personal information easily accessible can leave you vulnerable to domain related spam, telemarketers, domain hacking, identity theft and other illegal online activities.

Domain Privacy (WPS), shields your information from the public by replacing your personal data with our information. This allows you to maintain your personal information private, while remaining easily available to legitimate customers and potential businesses partners.

Domain Privacy is One Click Away

If you already have a domain with us, enabling privacy is a snap. Simply log in to your United Domains account and locate the domain you want to protect. Then click the activate domain privacy button to its right.

To anyone with a new domain registration in mind, we’ve added Domain Privacy activation right into your shopping cart, so protecting your new domain is fast and easy. When ordering your domain, simply click the add domain privacy button next to that domain before you complete your order. Domain Privacy (WPS) will be enabled the instant your new domain is registered!

Whether you are a blogger, entrepreneur, or an established business, domain privacy is essential for protecting your information online. So don’t wait — protect your information and keep your domain safe with Domain Privacy (WPS).

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.ENGINEER is Now Available for Registration

We’re very excited to share that the .ENGINEER is available now for the first time. You can register your .ENGINEER domain for $29 per year. This domain is a great way to connect with other professionals in the .ENGINEER field. There are so many uses for this domain given that there is a broad range of disciplines that fall under the engineering umbrella.

Promote Yourself with the .ENGINEER Domain

For those making a living in the engineering field, the new .ENGINEER extension is a great option for gaining visibility online. It’s a quick and effective way to market yourself online, and it’s an especially useful tool for those who are job hunting.

Consider these options for the .ENGINEER extension:

  • Promote yourself online by using .ENGINEER to share your resume.
  • Network and keep in touch with colleagues working in your field
  • Share your research and studies with others to get the word out about new developments

Dot ENGINEER for Academic Institutions

Academic institutions have a unique opportunity with this domain. Colleges, universities and continuing education programs can use .ENGINEER to attract new students to their programs. The extension is also a great way to keep current students in the loop with all the latest developments like course schedules and announcements.

Get Your .ENGINEER Website from United Domains

Our registration process is quick and easy. When you register your .ENGINEER domain, you’ll get a wide variety of free features including web and email forwarding as well as simple DNS management. As one of the leading pioneers in the field of new domains, we’re here to help you navigate your way online. The best .ENGINEER names won’t last forever, so make sure to register yours today before your top pick is gone for good.

You can get your .ENGINEER website today for $29 per year.

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.HIV: Every Click Makes a Difference

When it launched in August, .HIV made history as the web’s first and only domain dedicated to a raising awareness and money for a cause. HIV/AIDS has claimed the lives of over 28 million people worldwide since first appearing in the 1980s. Today more than 34.5 million people are living with HIV, making the call for awareness all the more important.

dotHIV is the charitable organization and registry behind the new .HIV domain. Their goal is to rally momentum for the fight against HIV/AIDS by raising money, growing awareness, fighting stigma and giving HIV/AIDS-related organizations a place to network. And their mission appears to be working, with many mainstream news outlets like Adweek, The Huffington Post and Slate covering the extension.

“The support we have received for .hiv has been amazing,” Michael Twist, dotHIV’s Chief Marketing Officer, shared. “We have some very close ties to the not-for-profit community, as well as both the LGBT and technology communities who all support and appreciate the efforts we are making to raise funds and awareness.”

dotHIV raises awareness not only for their own cause, but for new domains in general. A report by Sedo found that nearly 60% of those surveyed were either unaware of new domains or were aware but unsure of the purpose of new domains. Despite this, there has been widespread adoption of .HIV especially by the creative industry. The long list of supporters includes agencies, blogs, photographers and designers, providing an undeniably hip vibe to the .HIV extension.

This initial wave of support has brought in more than 25,000 visits to .HIV websites. Click count is imperative to dotHIV’s funding model as each click contributes to the growing amount of funds to support their goals. With World AIDS Day approaching on December 1st, clicks are likely to only increase. This focus on raising funds and awareness is what sets .HIV apart from other new domains.

With more and more brands and companies signing on to support .HIV, awareness for the cause will only grow online. In the meantime, .HIV will be trailblazing at the first extension dedicated to a social cause.

“It’s an absolute privilege to be the first social cause TLD and we certainly feel a great responsibility to ensure its ultimate success, but this was not a concept or endeavour that was birthed overnight,” Twist said. “There is a lot to do until we reach the end of AIDS. Until then we will be focusing our efforts… and then: you never know what the future may bring!”

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.HEALTHCARE and .VET Launch Today

As you may have noticed, October has been a fairly quiet month for new domains, which is why we’re so excited for today’s launch of .HEALTHCARE and .VET. Both domains expand what you can do on the Internet. So whether you’re a veterinarian or a health insurance company, these great extensions can work for you! To register yours, just visit United Domains now.

Provide Medical Assistance with the .HEALTHCARE Extension

From traditional medical doctors to holistic healers, the brand new .HEALTHCARE domain is a winning choice for practitioners and patients alike. The .HEALTHCARE extension is the best way to connect with patients than with a website visitors will be sure to remember. Whether you’re a psychologist or an oncologist, the .HEALTHCARE domain can help you help others. This memorable extension helps you stand out in a list of search result, making it easier for patients to connect with providers. Register your .HEALTHCARE domain with us today for $49 per year.

Stand Out With the .VET Domain

Everyone from animal care providers to non-profits can successfully use the new .VET domain. When it comes to attracting attention online, the fastest way is to set yourself apart with a unique domain name. With .VET, you’ll have options that are creative, quick and exactly what you want. And why settle for any less? You can get your .VET domain from United Domains for $39 per year.

Features Included With Your Domain Name

Each domain you register with United Domains comes with a variety of free features including URL and email forwarding as well as simple DNS management. You can also use SedoMLS through our system if you choose to sell your domain names. If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to launch your site, look no further than us! We’re here to help get started and reach your goals. So what are you waiting for? Register your domains today!

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The Highly Anticipated .NYC Domain Has Arrived

After months of anticipation, the brand new .NYC domain is finally here! that means no more waiting–you can get started on your site today. America’s beloved city has it’s new home online with the .NYC domain. Backed by the City of New York, the .NYC domain is already well underway to becoming an online powerhouse.

.NYC: Where Dreams Come True

If you can dream it up, you can find in New York. The city is home to countless industries, cultures, organizations, and ideas. Getting noticed in such a crowded, diverse area and drawing in the right crowd. But dwindling supply of memorable .COM domain names to choose from, what’s a New Yorker to do when picking an attractive web address, and how can you be sure it will attract the traffic you’re looking for.

Lead the Way with the .NYC Domain

Many entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners have already signed on for the .NYC domain. This includes Blue Sky, Tinsel & Twine and the The Row House among many others. The City itself has dedicated itself to helping local businesses to thrive, market and promote tourism, and spread the spirit of New York City around the globe.

Dot NYC is Exclusively for New Yorkers

As of right now, .NYC is limited to those who have a New York City address.* Luckily, this includes over 8 million people who live in the country’s most populated city. With nearly 1 million businesses located in the City, the .NYC address is a great fit for New York restaurants, theaters and salons, among many other storefronts. It’s a great way to advertise to both the locals and the tourists, who come from around the globe just to see New York City firsthand.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your .NYC Website NOW! Hop on over to our main site to order your .NYC website today! 

*To ensure .NYC domains faithfully represent New York City, .NYC’s Nexus Policy requires domain registrants to lawfully reside or represent a business or organization located in New York City in order to register .NYC domains. If you are a resident of New York City, you must provide a New York City address to confirm your pre-order and register a .nyc domain. (P.O Boxes are not accepted.) The .NYC registry performs random checks to ensure their compliance with registry guidelines and requirements. The registry reserves the right to suspend or delete domain registrations found not to be in compliance with these guidelines.

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