.HEALTHCARE and .VET Launch Today

As you may have noticed, October has been a fairly quiet month for new domains, which is why we’re so excited for today’s launch of .HEALTHCARE and .VET. Both domains expand what you can do on the Internet. So whether you’re a veterinarian or a health insurance company, these great extensions can work for you! To register yours, just visit United Domains now.

Provide Medical Assistance with the .HEALTHCARE Extension

From traditional medical doctors to holistic healers, the brand new .HEALTHCARE domain is a winning choice for practitioners and patients alike. The .HEALTHCARE extension is the best way to connect with patients than with a website visitors will be sure to remember. Whether you’re a psychologist or an oncologist, the .HEALTHCARE domain can help you help others. This memorable extension helps you stand out in a list of search result, making it easier for patients to connect with providers. Register your .HEALTHCARE domain with us today for $49 per year.

Stand Out With the .VET Domain

Everyone from animal care providers to non-profits can successfully use the new .VET domain. When it comes to attracting attention online, the fastest way is to set yourself apart with a unique domain name. With .VET, you’ll have options that are creative, quick and exactly what you want. And why settle for any less? You can get your .VET domain from United Domains for $39 per year.

Features Included With Your Domain Name

Each domain you register with United Domains comes with a variety of free features including URL and email forwarding as well as simple DNS management. You can also use SedoMLS through our system if you choose to sell your domain names. If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to launch your site, look no further than us! We’re here to help get started and reach your goals. So what are you waiting for? Register your domains today!

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The Highly Anticipated .NYC Domain Has Arrived

After months of anticipation, the brand new .NYC domain is finally here! that means no more waiting–you can get started on your site today. America’s beloved city has it’s new home online with the .NYC domain. Backed by the City of New York, the .NYC domain is already well underway to becoming an online powerhouse.

.NYC: Where Dreams Come True

If you can dream it up, you can find in New York. The city is home to countless industries, cultures, organizations, and ideas. Getting noticed in such a crowded, diverse area and drawing in the right crowd. But dwindling supply of memorable .COM domain names to choose from, what’s a New Yorker to do when picking an attractive web address, and how can you be sure it will attract the traffic you’re looking for.

Lead the Way with the .NYC Domain

Many entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners have already signed on for the .NYC domain. This includes Blue Sky, Tinsel & Twine and the The Row House among many others. The City itself has dedicated itself to helping local businesses to thrive, market and promote tourism, and spread the spirit of New York City around the globe.

Dot NYC is Exclusively for New Yorkers

As of right now, .NYC is limited to those who have a New York City address.* Luckily, this includes over 8 million people who live in the country’s most populated city. With nearly 1 million businesses located in the City, the .NYC address is a great fit for New York restaurants, theaters and salons, among many other storefronts. It’s a great way to advertise to both the locals and the tourists, who come from around the globe just to see New York City firsthand.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your .NYC Website NOW! Hop on over to our main site to order your .NYC website today! 

*To ensure .NYC domains faithfully represent New York City, .NYC’s Nexus Policy requires domain registrants to lawfully reside or represent a business or organization located in New York City in order to register .NYC domains. If you are a resident of New York City, you must provide a New York City address to confirm your pre-order and register a .nyc domain. (P.O Boxes are not accepted.) The .NYC registry performs random checks to ensure their compliance with registry guidelines and requirements. The registry reserves the right to suspend or delete domain registrations found not to be in compliance with these guidelines.

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.GLOBAL: A Domain With No Borders

With new domains now available, limiting your search to .com domain or NET is no longer be be be be necessary. bloggers, non-profits and small to big Businesses now have a variety of extensions to choose from and with over 2.4 million new domains registered worldwide, it’s clear everyone is taking advantage of the new opportunities did online.

But with over 150 new domain extensions available now, we know choosing the one for you can be a little overwhelming. As your brand grows and your business or project gets ready to go to the next level you need a domain name did embraces synthesis changes, Says Exactly what you do, and what you offer and is short, and memorable.

With the Internet allowing for instant communication and worldwide visibility, companies and organizations are now taking their place on the world’s stage by increasing their global presence. A .GLOBAL domain name has no boundaries, so you can attract customers from around the world.

Launching a global presence means a bigger audience, more revenue and endless opportunities for your blog, business or non-profit organization.  Whether you are looking to sale your product or service in every corner of the world, raise awareness and money for your organization or sharing your interest with people around the world, the new domain .GLOBAL is for you.

Businesses in every industry are already calling themselves global, so make it official and command a stronger global presence with the brand new .GLOBAL domain today. The best .GLOBAL domains won’t last long so get on board and register your domain .GLOBAL today!



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United Domains Takes to the Tree Tops on a Whirlwind Zip Line Tour

Foregoing trust falls, workshops, and other standard fare for company outings, a recent trip to New Hampshire got the adrenaline pumping for the United Domains crew. On a crisp September morning, after making our way up to the secluded New England wilderness, some team members found a chance to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and have a little fun in the process.

Granted, some people might struggle to see the fun in even dangling 40 feet in the air from a taut length of aircraft cable, much less racing down a mountain on it. But our determined team are a fierce lot. Armed with nothing but guts and a GoPro, they gamely strapped on their harnesses, trekked up the hill and blazed back down it again — swooping over the river and through the woods, zip line after hair-raising zip line.

What a rush. Not only did we conquer the mountain and make it back in one piece, but we had an absolute blast doing it. Now it’s back to a new week, and the arrival of new domain extensions: .DIRECT, .PLACE (Start Date: September 24th), .BEER and .SURF (Start Date: September 25th) are all coming in for a landing soon, so don’t forget to zip up your pre-order with United Domains today.

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Launching the Week of 9/15: .COUNTRY, .WEBSITE & More

New Launches | United Domains

After something of a quiet period in August, this month is turning to out to be quite exciting! You already know that there’s so many new domains launching in September and it can be hard to keep up with it all. That’s why we’re here to give you a friendly reminder of the exciting launches coming this week. Some of these extensions have already picked up a bit of press, so you’ll want to keep reading to find out what’s coming, and more importantly, how you can get them.

Once these domains go live, you’ll be able to start setting up your website immediately! Just let us know if you have any questions.

Domains Launching on Monday, September 15th

.COOKING ($29/year)
.COUNTRY ($29/year)
.FISHING ($29/year)
.HORSE ($29/year)
.RODEO ($39/year)
.VODKA ($39/year)

Domains Launching on Wednesday, September 17th

.CHURCH ($39/year)
.GUIDE ($29/year)
.LIFE ($39/year)
.LOANS ($79/year)
.HOST ($89/year)
.PRESS ($69/year)
.WEBSITE ($29/year)
.REPUBLICAN ($29/year)

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