Top 5 Best-Selling New Domains

Top 5 Best-Selling New Domains | United Domains

Every month, more and more New domains are Constantly arriving to the market. With over 100 New domains available now and dozens more launching in the next few months many people and business are starting to take a closer look at the recent change in the Internet landscape.

To have the chance to register a unique domain name catered to your industry or hobby is the best way to help customers understand Exactly what your website is about. In simple terms, one word- .BAR , .CLOTHING , or .SINGLES -can say so much about who you are, what your business is about, without a long, confusing and prone to spelling errors domain name.

But of all synthesis new opportunities which one are the most popular? In the past 8 months 5 domains have Remained in the top position. Although New City Domains: such as .VEGAS and .nyc are launching next month, and will without a doubt create buzz worldwide next synthesis domains have stayed constant and rated all time favorite by domain owners.

Top 5 Most Popular New Domain Name Registrations

# 1 .GURU -With over 60,000 Thousands registrations worldwide, .GURU Has become the perfect domain for extension to showcase knowledge on any subject and cement your status as online to expert.

# 2 .CLUB – Nothing says exclusive like a .CLUB domain! This domains is perfect for members-only sites, book club and everything in between. Be part of something special with .CLUB domain.

# 3 .center – With over 21,000 new domain registrations all over the world, the new domain .center is the perfect domain for any niche market.

# 4 .TIPS – When it comes to advice, no domain name gets to the point faster than the brand new domain name .TIPS. With over 20,000 domain names registered to date there is no better online helpline better than .TIPS.

# 5 .PHOTOGRAPHY – The go to new domain name to share all your photos. Whether you are a professional photographer or you are looking to showcase your hobby, .photography is everything you are looking for.

Numbers never lie, and with so many registrations for hypothesis five domains chances are you will be seeing a lot more of in the near future thesis extensions. So if you are looking to add more domains to your portfolio or you are Registering your new domain extension first, check out these new domains at United Domains before committing to anything!

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New Domains for the Summer!

This summer has been like no other for the domain industry! New Domain extensions are coming to the market every week and for the last month of August, United Domains is bringing you the very best domain extensions to hit the market in the upcoming weeks.

Check out the 19 New Domain extension coming this month:

Wednesday, August 6th

Wednesday, August 13th

Wednesday, August 20th

Thursday, August 21st

Tuesday, August 26th

Wednesday, August 27th

Stay proactive and beat the general availability rush by pre-ordering your domain names before launch day! You can also get an early start at building a stronger brand by taking advantage of our Premium domain names available now for all of our upcoming new domain extensions.

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Create With New Domains


Create with New Domains | United Domains


From Etsy sellers to photographers, new domains have opened up a whole new realm of creativity online. With the introduction of web addresses like .PHOTO and .SHOP, you have the opportunity to create a space of your own online to share your work with the world. Getting started with a new domain is easy–just keep reading to find out how you can reach your goals with these new extensions.

What Are New Domains?

Before we jump in further, let’s step back so we can explain new domains. At the beginning of 2014, hundreds of new extensions including .GLASS and .TATTOO launched online. These domains dramatically expand what you can do from promoting your portfolio to potential clients to blogging about your latest endeavors.

Put New Domains to Work for You

The creative industry has a unique advantage when it comes to new domains. From glass blowing to photography, there’s a domain extension for just about anyone. These extensions let you attract visitors and potential clients who will immediately identify your work just by reading what comes after the dot. That means saying goodbye to long and cumbersome domain names and hello to short and quirky ones. There’s no better way to reach your goals online that by branding yourself with a creative domain name.

Domain Names as Unique as You

With new domains, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with your website. In the old days on the Internet, it took hours of searching just to find an available .COM. This often meant settling for your second (or even third or fourth) favorite domain name because the .COM of your choice was already taken. This is no longer the case with new domains. There are so many domain names available, meaning you can find a unique domain name that suits your needs perfectly!

Swing by United Domains today to check out your options for new domains. We’re sure you’ll find one that fits you perfectly!

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.BAR and .REST Domains, The Secret Ingredient for Bars and Restaurants Online

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen — nowhere is this adage truer than in the food and beverage service industry. If you own a restaurant, bar, pub, club, or any kind of establishment where people gather over food and drink, you know that competition is hot no matter where you set up shop. Success in the world of food and drink establishments requires making an instant yet enduring impact that will leave your customers hungering for more.

.REST and .BAR Domains Draw In Traffic
When it comes to going out, whether for a meal or a round of drinks, consumers are savvy about where to go.With such discriminating tastes, you need to stand out quickly, and do it in a way that demonstrates relevance and value for your potential customers. Whether your customers aim to imbibe or ingest, your website is your strongest choice for advertising yourself on the Internet, and your website’s success hinges on your choice of domain name. If your customers can’t pick you out quickly in a search or remember your URL, how likely are they to step through your front door?

The .BAR and .REST domain extensions, now available at United Domains, take the guesswork out of picking a strong name for your establishment. These brand new domain extensions are tailored exclusively for the bar and food service industries, and open up a new realm of possibilities for choosing a domain name that suits your business and connects with the customers you seek. With .BAR and .REST, you can post menus, advertise upcoming events, and lead potential customers to your offerings, all while standing out from the competition.

Column A or Column B? Why Not Both?
A new domain name can mean a strong first impression for any new eatery or bar looking to tap into an established local market, but it’s also a way for establishments with an entrenched presence. You can use two or more domains at once — one for customers familiar with your previous name, and another for drawing in new traffic. Simply forward one domain name to another, or connect both to your website directly. That way, you can grow your customer base with a new domain while keeping your usual patrons in the loop. No need to pick between Column A or Column B.

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot
Since they’ve only launched recently, there are still plenty of quality .REST and .BAR domains to go around, but like a four-star meal, these domains are likely to be picked clean. United Domains offers .REST for just $39.00/year and .BAR for just $69.00/year, so take advantage of these scrumptious extensions while you still have carte-blanche — only at United Domains.

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Promote Your Business with New Domains

Promote Your Business with New Domains |

Establishing and building a website for your brand or business is one of the easiest ways to get noticed by customers. The quickest way to do that is through a unique and attention-grabbing domain name. With the launch of hundreds of new domains like .CLUB, .PHOTOS and .MARKETING, a whole new world has just opened up online. Choosing a new domain over a classic domain can help you build your brand and promote your business online. Simply put, new domains are the most affordable and powerful way to strengthen your brand, captivate and increase consumer demand.

Explaining New Domains
New domains launched earlier this year, taking the Internet by storm. There’s a new web address for almost every interest you can imagine from .HORSE to .FISHING to .COMMUNITY. These new extensions expand the web well beyond your typical .COM, .ORG or .NET. This expansion gives you a world of opportunity when it comes to choosing a domain name that works for you.

Why Your Business Needs a New Domain
At United Domains, we absolutely believe that every business should have a new domain name. Your website is the number one way to advertise yourself online and attract new business. No matter what market your business serves, choosing the best domain name is imperative to your success on the Internet.

With new domains, you can immediately make your website stand out in a sea of search results. These extensions give you the chance create a unique online presence that’s just not available with .COM. Not to mentions many keyword-rich domain names are still available in the new domain marketplace. These are names that are long gone in the classic namespace, taken years ago before you ever started your business. This is simply not the case with new web extensions since many great domain names are still available to the public.

Expand Your Brand with New Domains
Say you’re an established brand or business online and already have a website. You might be thinking one of two things. Either you don’t need a new domain or you have to abandon your classic domain. The good news is that you don’t have to do either of these things! Instead you can get a new domain to expand your reach online. You can do this by forwarding your new domain to your old domain or vice versa. This way you don’t lose any traffic.

Don’t Wait–Get Your New Domain Today!
It might be tempting to wait to get your domain given the wide availability of names in this brand new webspace. However, you’ll want to act fast before the best names are gone. New domains are on the market with prices starting at just $9.90. So stay on top of the trend and discover your new domain today at United Domains!

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