Start Your Summer with the Perfect New Domain!

New Domain .DATING Arrives June 11th!

Summer is just around the corner, and at United Domains this season is bringing more than just sunshine! With 26 new domains launching in June; this is the best time to register the perfect domain name for new profitable niche markets, so do not miss out on getting your own piece of online real estate.

June is already proving to be a lucrative month in the new domain marketshare. A few days after its launch, the new domain. XYZ now holds over 69,000 registrations and reigns as the 1 th most popular new domain on the market, with. CLUB. GURU and. BERLIN trailing right behind.

On top of .XYZ ($ 14.90), another seven new domains Made Their debut on the market within the first week of June. Now available for registration

Here is a full list of all the upcoming domains for the month of June!

Monday June 9 th
.BID ($ 39.00)
.TRADE ($ 29.00)
.WEBCAM ($ 29.00)

Wednesday June 11 st
.DATING ($ 39.00)
.HIRE ($ 29.00)
.PARTNERS ($ 39.00)
.PRODUCTONS ($ 39.00)

Wednesday June 18 th
.CARDS ($ 29.00)
.CATERING ($ 39.00)
.CLEANING ($ 39.00)
.COMMUNITY ($ 39.00)

Monday June 23 rd
.NAGOYA ($ 19.00)
.INK ($ 29.00)

Wednesday June 25th
.SUPPLIES ($ 19.00)
.INDUSTRIES ($ 49.00)
.PARTS ($ 39.00)
.SUPPLY ($ 19.00)
.TOOLS ($ 29.00)

Command a stronger online presence with a short, memorable and unique domain name. As always, you can beat the rush general availability by pre-ordering your domain names before launch day. You can therefore get to early start at building a stronger brand by taking advantage of our premium domain names available now for all of our upcoming new domain extensions.

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How to Get Amazing Domain Names Without Paying Premium Prices

How to Get Amazing Domain Names Without Paying Premium Prices

Choosing the best domain name for your website is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when branding yourself online. Though useful, simple domain search is not enough when it comes to finding the perfect domain. At United Domains, we’re committed to helping you find the best domain name without having to pay premium domain prices.

What is a Premium Domain Name?

In this process of setting up your website, you might find that your coveted domain is considered “premium,” meaning the domain is owned by a domain investor looking to sell the domains for a higher price. Many registries that operate domains like .GURU or .CLUB will also reserve generic domain names for premium sales. That means generic terms will often be unavailable for registration at the regular annual registration fee. For example, you might not be successful at registering, but you could potentially get a more specific domain like Don’t be discouraged, we’re here to give you some tips if you run into this issue!

Get Specific With Your Domain Name

One thing that makes it easy to find a domain name is if you consider what your visitors or customers are searching for online. For example, if you’re located in London and your goal is to attract local visitors, you can use your location to make your site stand out on search engines. Specific and unique domain names are unlikely to be premium domain names, which makes it more likely that you can get your website up and running for the regular annual registration fee.

New Domains Put You Ahead of the Competition

Once you finally come up with your preferred domain name, choosing the right extension can also help you get noticed by visitors. In the past, .COM was the automatic preference for most people because other domains extensions either didn’t make sense or didn’t give enough options. However, with the introduction of new domains like .MARKETING and .EMAIL, you have a diverse array of names to choose from when it comes to building your website.

Get Your Domain Today

United Domains offers a wide variety of new domain extensions to meet every need. We have domains available for pre-registration, pre-order and live registration. Swing by our site to find the domain for you!

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Get a Sneak Peak at What May Brings to United Domains

United Domains is always on the lookout for dynamic new domain extensions for all of our customers, this spring it is no exception. In May alone, 17 new domains will make their grand debut online, including the highly anticipated .CLUB and .NINJA extensions.

We started the week with the arrival of .CLUB ($29.00), .COOL ($29.00) and .WATCH ($39.00) on May 7th. The enthusiasm for .CLUB was so evident, within hours of its release it landed on the Top 10 list of most registered new TLDs and closed the day with almost 26,000 registrations.

Here are the new domains arriving in the upcoming weeks!

Wednesday May 14th
.EXPERT ($29.00)
.WORKS ($39.00)

Monday May 19th
.LUXURY ($495)

Wednesday May 21st
.DANCE ($19.00)
.DEMOCRAT ($39.00)
.EXPOSED ($29.00)
.FOUNDATION ($49.00)

Monday May 26th
.WIKI ($29.00)

Wednesday May 28th
.NINJA ($19.00)
.CRUISES ($39.00)
.FLIGHTS ($49.00)
.RENTALS ($29.00
.VACATIONS ($29.00)
.VILLAS ($49.00)

We are ending the month strong, with the arrival of the versatile .NINJA domain. This short, memorable and creative domain extension, has been creating buzz for months now, so don’t hesitate and get your .NINJA domain today!

Don’t forget, beat the general availability rush by pre-ordering your domains before they hit the market and command a stronger online presence with our premium domain names available now for selected upcoming new domain extensions.

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Join the .CLUB: Benefits of This Brand New Domain

The brand new .CLUB extension is set to launch next Wednesday, May 7th. It’s not too late to pre-order your .CLUB domain and ensure that your order is submitted the second this extension becomes available. The cost is only $29/year.

Thrive Online with .CLUB

.CLUB is a unique domain that gives organizations the opportunity to succeed online. In the bygone days, your only options for a domain names were with .COM and .ORG. However the chances of getting the domain you wanted were slim to none since many premium names are long gone. That’s no longer the case with the introduction of .CLUB and hundreds of other new domains. With .CLUB, you no longer have to settle for second best.

Grow Your Group

If you have a group of any type, .CLUB is a great domain for you. Whether you run a sports club, fan club or political network, the .CLUB domain can work for you. Not only that, but corporate entities with exclusive programs to interested customers. For example, a credit card company can use this domain to share information with customers about special offers and rewards programs

Pre-Order Now

With .CLUB launching in about a week, it’s not too late to submit your pre-order for this domain. Let us explain how this works: Once an extension is set to launch, you can confirm reservation for a specific domain by making a binding pre-order. Pre-ordering a domain means you agree to pay its registration fee in the event of a successful registration, and we agree to submit that domain for registration on its go-live date for you. If for any reason we can’t register your domain, you won’t owe the registration fee.

You can pre-order your .CLUB domain by clicking here.

If you have more questions about how this process works, read this post. You can also call us at +1 (617) 945-8460 or email support[@]

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Another Big Win for New gTLDs at United Domains

April showers bring May flowers, and every week brings a slew of new domain extensions. It’s been a whirlwind week of domain extension releases here at United Domains.  This week, we saw three separate new domain extension launches.  Tuesday brought us .BUZZ ($39.00), .GIFT ($29.00), .LINK ($19.00), .GUITARS ($39.00), .PICS ($19.00), and .PHOTO ($29.00).

On Wednesday, it was all about .MARKETING ($29.00) and .HOLIDAY ($39.00).

And finally, earlier today, .ONL ($39.00) was finally, well, online.

Three launches in the span of a three-day period. It’s got to be some kind of record.

Speaking of records, we wanted to take a moment to mention one we’re proud of: our consistent track record for successfully converting pre-ordered domain names into successful domain registrations. Just as we’ve done every week since the first new domain extensions in Februrary 2014, we have once again registered over 70% of all pre-orders we collected from our customers.

And all those domain names add up. United Domains ranks as a global leader in new domain extensions. In terms of worldwide registrations, we are ranked as one of the top registrars for new domain extensions. Of course, we couldn’t rank as anything at all without the support of our amazing customers.

So, from all of us at United Domains, thanks for placing your trust in us for yet another exciting week of domain launches.

We’re glad to end the last few days on a high note, and ready to go at it again next week, when we’ll be releasing .CODES ($49.00/year), .FARM, ($39.00), and the Spanish-speaking-focused .VIAJES ($49.00).

See you then.

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